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6th Annual 'Tis The Season Gala


‘Tis the Season Gala is our annual educational fund raiser that welcomes the holiday season by showcasing local national and international African-American music, dance and talent.

Music brings people together and encourages a sense of community. African-American music expresses times of exasperation to tribulation; from happiness to suffering; from slavery to freedom; from defeat to victory and from discouragement to hope.

Music and song is an essential part of African-American history and culture; ranging from Negro spirituals, blues, ragtime, jazz, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, rock & roll, funk, disco and hip hop.

Support this educational fund raiser and experience a taste of African-American music and community!

'Tis the Season funding is used to reach our youth by working with school districts across the Greater Kansas City area.  The Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center & Museum will enhance student and community knowledge and understanding as we foster educational and cultural programs regarding the past, present, and contemporary contributions of African-Americans who served to shape the city and state’s history and culture.

 Examples of programs include exhibits, classes, dramatic presentations, poetry readings and storytelling.  We also sponsor statewide youth projects and other cultural and educational activities.